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How We Set Ourselves Apart

Stereotypical collection agencies use high-pressure tactics or implications of quasi-legal activities to frighten or threaten consumers who have fallen behind on payments.  These collection methods are severe violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and expose both the client and the collection agency to litigation.  Additionally, these methods limit the effectiveness of collection efforts and reduce the client’s bottom line.  Would you want to do business or interact with someone who does not understand your situation and disrespects and/or threatens you?

Midstate Collection Solutions realizes and understands the situations our clients’ consumers are in, and that is why we extend the same courteousness  that our clients would provide when developing a payment solution.  We work with consumers to structure affordable solutions for challenging financial obligations. Our positive approach, offering consumers in debt an opportunity to envision a future of financial security, sets us apart from many others in our industry. All of our interactions with consumers are scripted, allowing for complete control and standardization of our collection efforts.  This results in an extremely low level of complaints, maintains our clients’ professional image, and increases the amount of debt we are able to recover.