The #1 Lesson to Remember in Biz: Growth

| Mary Shores


What is the #1 lesson to remember in business?

Now I’m talking side hustle, CEO of a Fortune 500, and anything in between. Any business, in any industry, will go nowhere if you don’t remember this vital secret.

Growth is everything.

Let’s be real, your million-dollar business isn’t going to go anywhere if you can’t hire more people, expand the operations, and keep it going. Your powerful, purpose-driven business is only going to help so many people if you can’t scale. Your money-maker is only going to make money until you retire… unless you can grow.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, growth is important. But how???

It’s all about your mindset.

You can learn how to onboard a team. You can learn how to grow by acquisition. You can make your processes scalable. But none of these teachable skills matter if you don’t have a growth mindset.

My biggest secret to success is NOT that I knew all the answers, had a huge trust fund, or knew all the right people. It’s that I just have a growth mindset.

Even when I was young, I saw opportunity in everything. I could look at something like an ice cream cone and immediately think of 50 different ways to make it better, make it faster, and make more money with it.

If you can do that too, if you can have that mindset that’s just always ready, always looking for the next level, then you will go places. People think it’s luck, but it’s really that you’re prepared at any moment to jump on that next opportunity.

Train your mind to see these opportunities and synchronicities, and you can see massive growth. And by the way, this doesn’t just work for your business. Constantly seeking the next level in your parenting skills, your personal growth, your learning, will also result in incredible transformation.

This might seem complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple to train your brain for growth mindset. Download the worksheet to start your practice today. And share your biggest growth moment in the Fearless Ambition Facebook group. How are you growing each day?

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