The Biggest AHA Moment I had at a Sales Conference

| Mary Shores

“I have thousands of great ideas but none of them go anywhere because they’re never ready.” Sound like you?

This is totally me. I come up with a huge, inspiring idea, and I tell my team all about it. We launch into action and we come up with the first draft. And then I decide my first idea wasn’t all that great, so we should change the format. And then I decide even this doesn’t work, so we swap out half the content. And so on.

And the ultimate result is that I’m never fully happy with a product… and most of them go unfinished and unreleased. I can’t tell you how many projects I’ve got in draft format right now.

And this is awful, right? It’s a waste of time and money for myself and my team, and it’s a huge bummer to the potential audience for these projects. These are great ideas with huge value, but they can never help anyone if I don’t share them.

The good news is, I recently had a huge lightbulb moment at an event. The host, my fellow mastermind member Lisa Sasevich, taught about this key concept:

Going Forward with Good Enough.

Because, as entrepreneurs and creatives, we tend to get caught in this perfectionist space. So what we have to do is get comfortable with letting go. Putting something out there – imperfect but valuable – and correcting as we go.

Sounds scary, right? But it’s so necessary. The truth is, everyone who puts out products does so knowing that they’ll have to come back and fix the kinks. And, what’s really amazing about this method is that this is an even better way to identify the kinks than trying to fix them all yourself.

When you actually launch the product, you’ll receive real feedback from your ideal clients – the ones who have purchased the product. They’ll let you know if they want more 1-on-1 time, or if that section you were unsure about is really their favorite part of the course. This is stuff you never would have known on your own!

And then you can go right back in and fix it, while still providing massive value to those who have already signed up for it.

Make sense? This was a huge AHA for me, because it makes crystal clear sense. It’s going to be hard to do, though. It’s like sending a kid off to college. You have no idea if they’ll do well, but you can continue to teach and provide support along the way – even when they’re not under your wing anymore.

So, I’m making a pledge to start going forward with good enough. I’m going to share those offerings that are valuable and impactful, without worrying about whether it 100% matches the vision in my head (because it probably never will). Are you going to join me?

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