The Major Key to Creating Connection

A lot of the time, business tips are BS.

Let me clarify: A lot of the time, business tips are way too specific or lucky to actually implement. I recently saw this influencer ad stating that he had the perfect posting schedule for maximum sales. And that just doesn’t exist. Your posting schedule should depend on your location, audience, and more.

So, sure. Maybe that tip completely changed that influencer’s business. But is it going to do the same for you? Not likely. I’ve seen a million of these “one-size-fits-all gamechanger” business tips, and to be honest, most of them are probably busts.

What you really need to know is the key to creating connection. Connection is the common denominator behind landing that dream job, upping your sales, and fixing your relationship with your spouse. Connection is what really drives business and helps you create the personal life you truly want.

I know, I know. Creating connection is a lot easier said than done. But if we break it up to its smallest parts, connection comes down to the words we use. Words have the power to fuel that connection… or drive disconnection. In any part of your life.

I discovered this incredible secret, and it genuinely changed every part of my life and the lives of all my employees. When I thought about the words we used at my company, I realized we could be doing a lot better. The very first thing I did was create a Start Saying/Stop Saying list for my team, which then turned into the Words That Work strategy you’ve probably heard of. We boosted revenue by 34% in the first year alone.

It didn’t just work in my business either. I realized this communication strategy works for personal relationships and goals too. I have employees that swear by using my Words That Work strategy with their kids. And I was able to nail a book deal with my dream publisher within a year of bringing this philosophy into my life. This system changed all of our lives.

Here’s how it works:
Our nervous system and subconscious are really being programmed in every thin-sliced moment by the words we say. If those words line up with our goals, then our subconscious is trained to follow those. If not, you could be holding yourself back with your words. The way to really make a difference? Program yourself to always create connections.

When you use your words in a way that aligns with your inner desires, you’ll find your creativity, motivation, and connection skyrocketing. You’ll be able to make your personal dreams come true and find massive business success. I did it. Everyone in my business did it. And you can do it too. Get started right now by downloading the free worksheet.

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