The Secret To A Productive Collection Floor

| Mary Shores

It seems like the debt collection industry is constantly changing, and with these changes comes the challenge of keeping our collection floors productive and free from burnout.

I've been in this industry for over 20 years, and in that time, I've learned many tips to increase collector motivation and keep an upbeat attitude on collection floors, both of which lead to productivity.

This week, I'm sharing my top 3 productivity tips with you, so keep reading to get inspired and drive your team toward success!

1. Prioritize Efficiency

Efficiency seems obvious when we're talking about productivity. The problem is, people rarely explain how to be efficient. That's why I want to give you actionable tips you can use right away to create efficiency at your agency.

At my office, we try to streamline our processes as much as possible. The main way we do this is by using my Communication Code (which you can learn about here) to navigate all conversations. This cuts back on confusion, which ultimately saves time (and headaches!).

We also create work instructions for absolutely every process. That way, our team members feel comfortable jumping into a task because they'll always have supporting documents to lead them along the way.

Work instructions also cut back majorly on confusion, which means collectors can accomplish a lot more in less time. When collectors are getting more work done in a typical workday, their confidence increases, which also leads to increased motivation. In other words, work instructions are a win-win!

2. Gamify Collections

I wrote about this process in detail a few weeks ago, which you can read about here. I'll also touch on it here briefly.

When I say "gamify collections," what I really mean is to incentivize and exhilarate the collections process by creating challenges for your team members to complete during the workday. For example, at my agency, I have what I call the Goldilocks Zone Challenge, which is a roleplaying exercise that collectors complete while on the phone with consumers to practice my signature negotiation strategy.

The result? Collectors are that much more motivated to succeed. And adding friendly competition to the mix by throwing in prizes can amp up the productivity even more.

Bonus: if your collectors complete roleplaying challenges, they'll actually improve their skills at the same time!

3. Invest In The Environment

This tip applies mainly to collection agencies that work at the office. That said, it's still something to consider for remote team members. Let me explain.

The way I see it, the environment our team members work in affects their performance. This can refer to the culture surrounding the company, and it can apply to the actual office building itself.

I've written extensively about office culture before, and if you want to know more about that topic, in particular, download my absolutely FREE guide on onboarding and retention. This is especially important for agencies with remote teams. After all, you'll want to have a sense of company culture to keep remote teams connected.

Today, I want to focus mainly on the physical office environment.

The way I encourage my collectors' productivity is by hanging up inspirational artwork. I don't mean the old-school motivational posters; I mean eye-catching artwork that encompasses our brand mission and values. I want my team to feel relaxed and excited in the environment they're in, so investing in intriguing office interior design has been a priority.

I also provide a mirror for every collector, which may seem silly if you've never heard of this technique before. Let me explain why I think it can actually improve performance and productivity.

When collectors smile at themselves in the mirror during or after a particularly challenging call, it can actually boost their mood. That way, they aren't focusing solely on negative interactions with consumers. Focusing on the negative can lead to burnout; staying upbeat and positive can produce much better results, and that's why providing a mirror can have a powerful effect.

I hope you can pick a few of these tips to use at your agency. If you do, I'd love to hear about your results. Send me a connection request on LinkedIn, and message me if any of this resonates with you!

I would also be thrilled to help inspire and motivate your team through my Collection Advantage online training program. Interested? Let's chat!

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