The Top 3 Questions You Should be Asking About Business Communication

| Mary Shores

In business, knowledge is important. But what you don’t know can be even more impactful. Ever made a horrible investment or given a client some bad info just because you didn’t know to ask questions about certain things? I’ve been there.

I once hired a vendor who just didn’t work out. She was an expert in her field… or so I thought. And it was a field I knew nothing about, so I just took her word as gospel without questioning anything. And I got zero results.

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. I came to realize that I had no vetting process. Did I need to be an expert in that field to properly vet this vendor? Not at all. I just needed to know the right questions to ask to find out if she was a good fit.

The truth is, sometimes you don’t have to have all the answers. You just have to know how to get them. Knowing the right questions to ask can be game changing.

So clearly, I’m not a pro at hiring vendors – though I am working on that vetting process! – but this whole situation got me thinking… What aren’t my clients asking me? What are the questions that could completely up-level their business if they just know how to ask?

Take a look and see how asking just one of these could make a huge impact. Here are 3 questions you should be asking about your business communication:

1. How do we create consistency for the end user?

If you’re wading through piles of horrible customer surveys, one core cause might be inconsistency. It doesn’t matter how nice reps are, if they’re all spreading different info. It causes a huge lack of trust, and it can be frustrating for anyone. So start asking how you can make consistency a key component of your communication and see those scores skyrocket.

2. How do we help the customer experience our brand promise?

Your brand promise is that mission, that core value that your company vows to deliver upon. For most companies, it’s almost always something along the lines of customer service, quality care, and valuing clients. But let’s be real, most people are not experiencing that promise. If you can make those words the true experience for every single client, you’ll see some life-long customers coming your way.

3. What is the #1 thing that keeps customers coming back for more?

Spoiler alert: if you’re still in business, you’re doing something right. What is it? And how can you do more? Sometimes business development isn’t about fixing the problems, it’s about capitalizing on what’s going right. Pinpoint that one person in your company who clients absolutely LOVE and see what sets them apart.

Start asking these questions, and you’ll be way ahead of the game – before you even implement any changes! Now I want to know… in your industry, what is one question people should ask, but never do?

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