The Trick to Start a Business (Or Anything Else)

| Mary Shores

If you’re doubting yourself and feeling uncomfortable with the progress you’re making, you need this message. If you’re afraid of taking that first step, or you’re worried that it could come crashing down, this is for you. I always say, your greatest manifestations happen outside of your comfort zone. Why is this? How can you make that first move? Here’s how you can do it.

Your greatest manifestations happen outside of your comfort zone. This is the secret to starting a business (or starting anything, for that matter). To give you an idea of what this means, I want to share the story of how I decided to create my business.

My mother actually owned a similar business, which I worked at as a child. I’d help out with any odd jobs she needed, so I had experience in basically every part of the company. I decided I wanted to do this bigger, better, and on my own. But I was scared. I was unprepared to go out on this limb, and I wasn’t in a position where I could get a loan or have any other kind of support. So I created another branch of my mother’s business.

For all intents and purposes, this was my very own business. But because it was technically a branch of the parent business, I didn’t have to get my own permits or deal with other problems. I could piggyback off the other company. It was safe. It was secure. It was boring. I knew that my (and the business’) growth was capped because of the parent company. I could only go as far as the other company could, and I couldn’t really lead. My comfort zone was staying in that parent company safety bubble.

So I finally faced my fears and launched my very own company. I was terrified and unsure. Industry professionals told me I’d never make it. They even tried to prevent me from accomplishing the tasks I needed to launch the company successfully. But I persevered. I was bold, and I persisted. And now, twenty years later, my company has gained industry recognition and support, and has collected millions.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The point here? Your most powerful action steps often happen outside of your comfort zone. To accomplish anything of great worth in this world, you will need to stretch yourself. You’ll need to put in more time, effort, and money than you’re comfortable with. You have to take risks. But the gamble often pays off, like it did for me.

So remember this when you’re feeling that paralyzing fear that tells you never to go outside your little comfort box. Remember that whenever you’re at your edge, you may actually be at the beginning of something absolutely incredible. That edge could actually be the springboard into a magical series of your biggest desires manifesting. Take the leap.

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