This One Word Changed My Career

| Mary Shores


I was the number one telemarketer in the company, nationwide. And it was all thanks to one single word. That’s how I learned the power of words.

You know my story. I have a collection business that I run differently. It’s all about empowerment and positivity, because I know having a debt is a psychological burden. And I’m able to flip the script and create an empowering environment through the power of communication. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The point is, words are the building blocks of life. It’s true. The way you communicate with yourself and others truly makes a huge difference in your own self-esteem, your impact on others, and your success in business. But how in the heck did I discover this? It’s a surprising origin story.

My discovery of the power of words came from my past in telemarketing. You see, I worked my way up to become the top salesperson in the country just by owning my power of communication. I was able to climb my way up through the ladder of salesmen with just one word. Yep, just one word completely changed my career.

It was as simple as saying okay.  

I’d call someone up and say: “Let’s get you started, okay?” And they’d say, “okay,” and get signed up. Sounds a little too simple, right? But it’s the truth.

You see, human beings are conditioned to respond a certain way to prompts. It’s just a social response that’s conditioned from an early age. It’s automatic. And I made that automatic response work for me.

I still do it today, with my communication strategy. It works in any industry, in any situation. Because it’s basic brain chemistry. And it can work in your own life, too.

Our words are a way of self-programming our subconscious mind. You can create new responses when you become aware of the words you speak. And you can win any business interaction, argument, or internal issue.

I just followed my natural instincts. I changed the way I communicated – and mastered the way others communicated. And that’s when the real power hit me. I’m sharing that power with you today.

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