Want a YES from Every Client, Every Time?

| Mary Shores

What if you could ensure a YES from every client, every time?

How would your business level up? I know it sometimes seems like you have to fight tooth and nail to lock in a new contract. I’ve been in business for over 20 years. And trust me, I’ve made some big mistakes along the way.

In fact, not too very long ago, I missed out on a huge client. And it was due to a tiny mistake. After that, I realized our system had to get better, so I came up with 4 key ways to make it easy for our next client to say yes. And the good news for you? These 4 steps are totally replicable for any proposal in any industry. Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Clear focus on deliverables

For my business, we clearly state what clients can expect when they use our services. That means we tell them all about our collection process, we explain our legal review system, and we even share the schedule of notices and calls that consumers receive. The result? Totally clarity on what clients – and their consumers – can expect to experience with us.

Step 2: Upfront cost transparency

The worst thing you can do is surprise clients with hidden fees and costs. Wouldn’t you rather have happy clients who feel confident that they can afford your services moving forward, instead of surprising them with extra expenses once they’re locked in? At my company, we’re careful to share full costs upfront, including any ongoing costs that clients can expect.

Step 3: Under-promise and over-deliver

Okay, maybe don’t under-promise. But definitely don’t stretch the truth when trying to win over a client. Set realistic expectations for what the deliverables are, and make sure they are met. Plus, if you can squeeze in some bonuses to surprise your client, they’ll feel even more like VIPs. These steps will not only result in YES’s, you’ll also clients who are so happy with your services, they refer you to everyone who’ll listen.

Step 4: Give them mental space

No one likes a hard salesman. “Buy on this call or else the price goes up 25%!!!” Why would anyone want to be threatened with a negative outcome if they don’t purchase? Plus, someone who was on the fence is much more likely to be unhappy with your services and spread negative feedback. Instead, give them time to make a decision that they’ll be 100% confident about.

These steps are actually a lot easier to implement than you might think, and they’ll result in clients who are eager to say yes AND stay with your company for the long-haul. I know because it has worked wonders in my own business.

Are you doing any of these steps already? Or, are you NOT doing them and seeing negative feedback from clients who feel pressured or misled? Try all 4 steps in your next proposal, they’ll have you covered.

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