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Midstate Collections has been the premier debt collection agency in Illinois since its inception in 1999. Our process is unique and proven, with a high rate of success, both a reflection on us and on our clients. We believe that our debt collection process sets us apart from other debt collection agencies.

We offer consumers in debt an opportunity to plan a future free of financial burdens and rooted instead in fiscal security. We work with each consumer on an individual basis, beginning with a script to ensure consistency and then moving into a more personalized conversation. This allows us to increase consumer satisfaction, maintain our clients' professional image, and increase the amount of debt we are able to recover.

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Illinois' Best Collection Agency

Reducing the burden of debt collection.

Our mission as a collection agency in Illinois is to lift the burden of debt. We are committed to the reputation of our clients (which often include hospitals, businesses, schools, and real estate agencies), because we earn our great reputation by improving that of your business.

Our goal is to collect past-due receivables owed to your business or enterprise in a timely and honest manner through positive communication, integrity, and accountability. Midstate is proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise with the Small Business Administration in Illinois.

We want to facilitate a smooth, stress-free debt collection process. We want to change the face of the debt collection industry by inspiring, motivating, and empowering others to build a financially secure future.

What is a debt collector? Why are they calling?

Individuals past due on debt might expect a call from a debt collector. A collection agency will take control of your account when: they buy the debt, or they are hired by the client who owns the debt to collect on their behalf.

While it may seem unpleasant - debt collectors do have a bad reputation - this interaction does not have to be something dreadful. We at Midstate Collections strive to ease the physical and psychological burden that debt creates. We want individuals to feel a sense of relief at the end of the phone call, not more stress or anxiety.

We at Midstate Collections pride ourselves on professionalism. We will be fair, respectful, and honest with you. We also strictly uphold to laws and proper conduct. If you have any questions, we'd be happy to hear from you!

Debt Collection: How Midstate Does It Differently

Once we receive an account, we take care of further communication with the consumer, freeing your staff to direct time and resources on important daily functions. After the consumer agrees to pay in full or set up a payment arrangement, we will directly process their credit card, debit card, ACH transaction, mail-in, or in-person payment. 

We will then remit the amount due to your office at the conclusion of the monthly statement cycle.  We are here to help alleviate the burden of debt by effectively and efficiently recovering your past-due receivables.

Our unique collection process and philosophy are what set us apart as a debt collection agency and help us maintain our high success rates. 

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Tips For Debt Collection

If you, as a consumer, hear from us regarding debt collection, don't panic. We aren't going to harass you or bother you at inconvenient times. Nor are we going to threaten you. Our goal is to provide solutions that work for you and the individual or entity you owe.

We will provide information in writing so you have everything you need to know. When you agree to either pay in full or setup a personal payment arrangement, we process your payment and update our system and all three credit bureaus accordingly. We want to make this process stress free, and when it's finished, we won't bother you further.

Handling Debt Collection For Small Businesses

If you're a small business, collecting debt from a client may be a daunting task, as the risk is greater that you may permanently damage your relationship with that client. You may also be concerned that the debt collection process will be expensive.

Rest assured, we understand the sensitivity involved with small business debt collection, and our focus is on doing our job while maintaining and safeguarding the relationship you have with consumers. We want to do our job without hindering you from doing yours.

Debt Collection Tips For Small Business Owners


Medical Debt Collection

We have worked with hospitals and other medical institutions in collecting outstanding debts and receivables. We follow the same guidelines and uphold the same standards for debt collection. We do not harass or intimidate, and we don't make threats or do anything to upset those we contact.

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Student Loan Debt Collection

We have also worked to set up payment arrangements for an outstanding student loan and tuition debts. Our goal is to create a manageable plan to help individuals pay off their debts without hurting their financial standing or credit score. Even as a student debt collection agency, we always treat individuals with grace and respect. We want to help, not cause harm.

We provide student debt collection for universities and colleges in the following areas:

  • Student Debt Collection Champaign, IL
  • Student Debt Collection Bloomington, IL
  • Student Debt Collection Decatur, IL

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Real Estate Debt Collection

We have also worked to collect debts connected to real estate investments. Again, we cannot stress enough how much we value the connections we form with consumers as we work to build a path toward financial stability. Working as a real estate debt collection agency, we want to help individuals feel better and more financially secure. 

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Seminars & Training

We also offer business development trainings and seminars like: 

This also feeds into Mary’s personal business, which includes workshops and public speaking. She speaks publicly both on professional and personal matters.

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